Reservation system vacation rentals

Roombler is an app that makes it easy for vacation rental owners to get an overall picture of the bookings and guest information by having one central place to handle all bookings and information. The app syncs all bookings and guest information from external channels as well and the maual bookings you put in. All users always have the latest update in terms of information. A proper reservation system for vacation rentals has to be mobile, designed for multiple users and very easy to use. If you can use an ipad or iphone you definitely can manage our app.

One reason to have a booking engine on your website is that the customer would like to have direct contact with you and be able to self-book their stay directly with you. This makes it easier for both parties and inspire a direct communication between rental owner and guest.

Reservation system vacation rentals

We have the solution for reservation system vacation rentals

What we have strived for when we designed the app is simplicity and mobility to give a very nice work flow when adding reservations, information of in and checkouts, payment information, etc. All this makes it much easier and more flexible when it comes to run a small hotel business or similar. Reservation system vacation rentals should be easy to work with and give you the freedom to control your business wherever you are. Contact us today if you have questions and we tell you all about how you can get started with roombler.

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