Reservation system for small hotels

When it comes to the reservation system for small hotels, we have developed an app that is very functional and incredibly easy to use for both the owner of a small hotel or similar and your customers who want to book their stay.

We want you to become as efficient and structured as possible in your business with just the right about of functionality you would look for in an easy to use reservation system for small hotels.

Reservation system for small hotels

What to look for in an reservation system for small hotels?

We have created a very easy to use reservation system that you use in an app for you iPad or iPhone. Eventhough it is as easy as using an app it’s yet very powerful and includes the functionality you look for in an reservation system designed for small hotels. You have a booking calendera that give you great overview of bookings and guests. You can add bookings and guestsinformation just by tapping the screen, manage prices and availability for different time periods. You also have a day report giving everyone an overview of who is staying, comming or leaving. In addittion we can offer you a great looking booking engine and widget you can easily add to your website. When you add it to your website you can emediately start receiving reservations from customers. All bookings go directly into the reservation system and can also be seen in the calender view. Basically, we have aimed at creating a great reservations system for small hotels.

Since we have personal experience of owning a small hotel so we understand the need of a, easy to use, reservation system at a decent price. You want a good overview of bookings, guests and payments etc. A good reservation system for small hotels is extremely important to save time and to be able to focus on what is most important, to be a great host.

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