Online hotel booking system app

What can Roombler offer your business to simplify work and make it easier for you and your staff? We have created an online hotel booking system app.

Roomblers goal is to offer a product that can help small hoteliers and owners of rental businesses to excell at what they do. We offer you a good mobile solutions that is simple but still very functional. Our online hotel booking system app is designed specifically for the challenges and needs of owners of small rental operations.

We have our own experience of running a smaller hotel so we know the need to simplify and save time for you owners out there. Our tool app works great for all kinds of small rental businesses such as small hotels, hostels, apartment rentals, vacation rentals and B & B's.

As a customer, it is not just the stay that is an experience, but also before during and after. The sum of all touch points creates the experience and is a key to make the customer feel really satisfied. Therefore, it is essential that you control your guest data and communicate with guest during the whole process. In the booking app we lets users save all guest data and give the opportunity to communicate based on data such as number of times the same guest have stayed or if they have special needs etc.

Online hotel booking system app

Online hotel booking system app, contact us for a free trial!

Small rental businesses have great benefit from our solution when it comes to having an online hotel booking system in an app. Contact us and we will tell you more about it,


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