Online hotel booking system

Perhaps you have a small hotel or a guesthouse, maybe you are the owner of a bed and breakfast or rent out a few holiday homes. Either way, it helps you if you have a functional online hotel booking system when it comes to running your rental business. Roombler offers you a booking engine and widget that you can easily can put on your site and start to take bookings. You add it to your website and you can start receiving bookings from visitors immediatly. Bookings goes directly into the booking management system and can also be seen in the calender view.

Those who visit your site has gone in there for a reason and they want to book their visit directly with you, all for it to be as smooth as possible. The customer wants to have direct communication with you. This is just one the reasons to have your own booking engine.

online hotel booking system

We have created an, easy to use, online hotel booking system

Our solution is an app and widget called Roombler. It is a perfect tool when you and your staff need to get a good picture of how it looks with bookings, payment information, which guests will arrive and which ones to check out and how many you will prepare breakfast for the next day.

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