Hotel management app iPad

Roombler is an hotel management app designed for iPad or iPhone and if you can use an iPhone or an iPad, we guarantee that you can handle our app roombler. It´s very easy to use even though it has the full power of a hotel management system. Just download and get going.

Since we have our own experience of running a small hotel, we have a good understanding of what the needs are of a really good booking system. What we want to help you with is that you get everything in an iPad or iPhone, easy for all staff to access and view updates on the latest information. Everyone can handle bookings, take notes and add guest information. As soon as the data has been synchronised, all users have full update on the guests and bookings. This helps tremendously when you plan for breakfast the next day, housekeeping, and which guests who will be checked in and out. All this in a smart hotel management app iPad and iPhone.

Hotel management app ipad

Who needs a hotel management app for iPad?

Maybe you have a guesthouse, vacation rental or you are the owner of a small hotell. Regardless, you need a functional and effective booking system that lets you handle your rental business wherever you are. We offer you a great management system for your hotel in an app for iPad or iPhone.

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