Hotel management app

Roombler is a hotel management app designed for iPad and iPhone. There is an app for basically everything else, so we figured why not for handling bookings, guests and other activities owners of small accommodation businesses need to do in order to run their business. If you know how to use apps on an iPad or iphone, you can also learn to handle Roombler. That is the basic fondation to how we have designed the app.

It´s very simple-to-use! It will make it easier for everyone who run a small hotel or is the owner of a hostel, vacation rentals or similar. That is our only goal with this hotel management app.

How do i know Roombler is right for my business?

When you and your staff need a good overview of bookings, which guests will arrive, which ones to check-out and payment information for the guests, this hotel management app is a great tool for your business. Our ambition when we created the Roombler app was to enable anyone to be a professional host.

Hotel management app

Are you looking for a hotel management app?

Many of our customers have actively been looking for a mobile solution to manage their rental business. Their first thought was that there has to be an app for doing this. And they are exacly right.

Of-course, a hotel management system is a very complex thing but it does not have to be complex and hard to use in the front-end. We have been trying to include only the most important fetatures so that the experience in the app remains easy to digest, easy to understand and easy to use. You should be able to use it directly after installing the app whitout need of training or lots of instructions.

Roombler also comes with a booking engine that is both easy to use and with an attractive design. Add our booking engine on your website and visitors can immediately book their stay with your accommodation. You will emediately see these bookings in your calendar view in the app. Extremely convenient both for you and your customer and with direct communication.

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