Mobile hotel management

Run your rental business in your iPad or iPhone

When you are the owner and manager of a small hotel, B&B, guest house or any other rental business you pretty much are doing everything yourself. That means that your days are filled with many diverse things such as working with marketing, cooking breakfast, go shopping and checking in guests and much more. Or you might have another job and run your renting business on the side. That means that you need to be able to run your business on the go. Take bookings, access guest information and payment information, keep track of what guest are staying leaving or coming and how many guests you have have to prepare breakfast for the next morning. 

Roombler is designed to enable you to run your rental business on the go. You have you entire hotel management system, booking system, calendar and guest information with you in your iPad or iPhone. Since Roombler is built as a native app you can work in the app and access information even when you do not have an internet connection. I automatically synchronizes as soon as you receive connection. 


A new way of working and new experiences

We see totally new ways of working in the way our customers are using the Roombler app. We have customers that run their whole business in their iPad and iPhone. They use Roombler as their booking system and for guest information and a mobile POS system to handle payments at their property. They greet their guest wherever it is convenient, the garden, the parking lot or in the bar and are able to check them in on the spot. You don't need to be stuck in the reception anymore just because you have your booking system in the main computer behind the desk. By the way, most small places don't even need an "old school" reception. It might be time to create new environments and new guest experiences..