A hotel management system your staff can use

Involve your co-workers

When running a small hotel or rental business it is really important that everyone can help in the tasks of taking bookings, check-in, check-out, find and contact a certain guest etc. When sharing all these tasks it is really important that the data is instantly synchronized so that all users have the latest up-dated information on bookings and guests. It is also important that every user have their own unique account so that all changes can be linked to each user. That way you always know who to ask regarding a specific booking or note. Roombler lets you do all this. 


Day reports

In addition to being able to share all these tasks with your staff, each function of the company are also updated with information through the day report. That means, for instance,  that you are always updated on how many guests that are planned for breakfast or dinner or how many clean sheets are needed. This information you can access everywhere and at all times since Roombler is an app designed for mobile use for iPad or iPhone. 


Easy to learn 

For many accommodation businesses a specifik season during the year, many times summer or winter, is very bussy and require hiring seasonal personell. You do not want to spend weeks teaching them how to use a hotel management system. Roombler is extremely easy to learn, if you can use an iPad or iPhone you can also use Roombler.