Booking system vacation rentals

Are you looking for an easy to use booking system to run your vacation rental business?

We have created an app for iPad and iPhone that is a full booking system for you vacation rental buisness. The idea of the app arose when we ourselves experienced the need for this when running a small butique hotel. The reason we decided to make the booking system as an app is that it makes it a lot easier to just down load and get started. Moreover, it should be easy to work with a booking system for vacation rentals and other small rental businesses. We can offer you the simplicity of an app with the power of a full booking system.

In addition to the app we also offer a booking engine and widget that you can place directly on your website so that customers can book their stay with you in an easy way. Many vacation rental owners use facebook to market their properties and want to offer the possibility to book directly with the owner. So, our booking system for Vacation Rentals comes with an app to manage bookings and guests and a booking engine and widget to put on your website.

Booking system vacation rentals

Booking system vacation rentals, we offer a perfect tool!

Simplicity, design and user experience is what drive our work at Roombler. We want our app to be very easy to use, easy to get started. No training or lots of instructions required. We want to give you more structure and control when managing your company. If you have questions concerning the booking system for vacation rentals do not hesitate to contact us today.

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