Booking system bed and breakfast

Through our experience of starting and running a small boutique hotel, we have great understanding of what the needs are when you run a small business in the hotel industry. Whether it's a bed and breakfast, hostel, small hotel or holiday rental accommodation, we can offer you fitting solution when it comes to booking system for bed and breakfast and other smaller properties.

Our app makes it easy for both you as the owner and your staff to get an overall picture of the reservations and information about guests. You can add bookings and guest information manually and the app will synchronize the data between all devices and users so that everyone has the latest updated information. The system will also synchronize bookings from externa channels such as etc. All bookings goes directly into the booking calendar view in the booking sytem.

Booking system bed and breakfast

We have the solution for booking system bed and breakfast

Roombler also comes with a booking widget to put on your website and the guest can simply go in and reserve their stay with you. The customer appreciates to have a direct contact with you; it becomes more personal and easier for both parties. We have tried to create a very functional tool to run you rental business. A booking system designed for the owner of a bed and breakfast. It gives you a very good overview of bookings, payment information, in and out checking of guests and easier planning of breakfast guests, etc.

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