Bed and breakfast reservation system

We have our own experience of running smaller hotels so we know what need there is to simplify and save time for owners of B & Bs, small hotels, hostels, vacation rentals etc.

One can say that we have tailored a tool for owners to save time and do what they do best. A bed and breakfast reservation system that lets them focus their time on guests instead of administration. In fact it is an reservation system that you can download as an app for your iPad or iPhone.

Our app has the most important functionality and a modern stylish design. The app is very easy to use whether you run the business or if you are a customer who will go in and make your online reservation on the site. A bed and breakfast reservation system that is easy to use is usually not easy to find since most systems are made for larger businesses with to much functionality. Roombler can offer you a good solution that is specifically designed for smaller properties.

Bed and breakfast reservation system

Bed and breakfast reservation system in an app for iPad and iPhone!

We have had your needs in mind when we designed the Roombler app. When it comes to solutions and tools we have managed to develop a very good, easy to use and functional app. If you can handle an iPad or iPhone so you will definitely be able to use our app. It is extremely easy to use and we have given it a nice design.

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